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Kids Club Program

kids and children

Ages from 8 - 17 years old

Classes: small group sessions, up to 4 per class.

Type: cardiovascular - weight training - flexibility activities.

Classes are specifically design to cover and develop each individual aspect and needs to create healthy mental and physical balance for the children.

Classes will be conducted in our Exclusive Fitness Studio in a fun, safe and supervised professional environment.

Certified Personal Trainers will ensure that the exercise routines are safe and goal oriented, measuring the results and adjusting training routines as need it.

Price: $45 per children

Duration: 60 minutes.

Frequency: 2 to 3 times a week.

Performance Assessment & Evaluation

This is the first step we take to assure you will have an accurate program design.
By utilizing a thorough and full professional computerized screened analysis and a complete fitness evaluation with you, we will develop a plan specifically tailored to your needs.

Weight Management & Healthy Lifestyle Training

We will develop a sound, balanced weight management program that brings together the three critical components of fitness:  nutrition, exercise programming and behavior modification.

Complementary with the purchase of any Personal Fitness Assessment and Evaluation.

Personal Training Services

We offer a wide variety of sound and well developed fitness programs to fit your needs.
Performance will design a personalized exercise program to suit your fitness goals, with a commitment to motivate and guide you to get the results you are looking for.

Wedding Program

We understand how stressful and difficult it is for most brides & grooms to make it to the gym or take care of their lifestyle on their own during this time, and we know how accountability and guidance are key in one of the most important moments of their lives. That is why we created this 6 week specific individual program. We believe this first step into the beginning of your new journey should be one of the most carefully and well planned steps ever!. Special needs, history and physical and experience are taken into consideration for your the program design.

Sport Massage

The goal of sports massage is often to restore normal function to the athlete through identification of contracted tissues. As an example triathlon athletes often receive regular massage as part of their overall maintenance to help relieve tension in overworked muscles


Our commitment leads us to offer the finest UWE tropical series bed and tanning lotions in the industry. We offer the benefits of always looking and feeling your best, and we ultimately seek to go beyond your expectations to obtain your complete satisfaction

Corporate Fitness Program

Some of the benefits companies who have a Corporate Fitness program experience: savings on healthcare costs, increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, fit employees have more energy and are more focused, have better coping skills and more positive attitudes. Your company will attract new workers who are dedicated to fitness, with lower incidences of chronic illnesses.

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